They do not forgive. They do not forget.

They live in procedurally generated caves. In a last attempt at ridding them from your life forever, you sneak into the cave armed only with your wits (and some dynamite).

You place the dynamite beneath a suspicious blue sphere that marks the cave's entrance and light the fuse, laughing maniacally at the ingenious nature of your plan.

But wait... what's that?!

Yes, you're sure of it; it's a golden ring in a box. Imagine how much you could fetch for it on the surface!

You decide to collect as many rings as you can before the dynamite seals the cave forever. Flicking on your torch, you step into the darkness, where they inevitably lurk... waiting.

Cave-In was created by Alan Hazelden, John Pennycook and Sarah Marshall for the June 2009 WGD 48 Hour Competition. The theme was "procedural generation".


Lessons learnt