Operation Meltdown

In Operation Meltdown, you play a terrorist trying to destroy a nuclear power station. The game was started for a 48 hour game development competition around the theme of "nuclear".

Locate the regulators found across the building and destroy them with a choice of weaponry. Take them all out and the building will go up in flames, but those engineers will repair them if given the chance. Maybe they'll just run when they see you gunning down the guards, though.

It was created by Alan Hazelden and Sam Gynn. All images were created by Sam, and the coding was done by Alan.

You can read about the development here.


Play Operation Meltdown

It doesn't contain everything we originally intended, but this is the probably mostly final version. It took roughly 3 months to get something resembling a game after the competition ended, and another 3 months to get around to releasing it.

Play in browser

Download (extract zip file and run meltdown.bat to play)

Play 48 hour version

This is the version that was submitted at the end of the 48 hours. It's more of a tech demo than a game, but the sound effects make it fun enough to run around killing everyone.

Play in browser

Download (extract zip file and open 48hours.html to play)

Lessons learnt