PuzzleScript games by Alan Hazelden

Spooky Pumpkin Game

Sticky Candy Puzzle Saga

Happy Birthday Hennell: Sokoban Edition 2014

You're Pulleying My Leg


A Sneeze A Day Keeps The Crates Away

Mirror Isles

Train Braining

A Good Tunnel Is Hard To Dig

Skipping Stones To Lonely Homes

Slime Saga

Boxes Love Boxing Gloves

Spikes 'n' Stuff

Hack the Net

Slime Swap

Splitting Headache

I Have No Mouth, And I Must Create Blocks On All Sides Of Me

With Corey Martin

Each Last Laugh for this Beached Raft Craft




Tech demo/demake

Pirate test

Tech demo/WIP thing

Play with the cat


Tentacle thing

Awkward prototype