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Lord of the Hoops: Let's Make a Fellowship

Do you like the idea of Lord of the Rings, but can't be bothered to sit down for 3 hours? Neither could we. But unlike you, we did something about it.
Lord of the Hoops: Let's make a Fellowship is the award winning* spin-off film made by and starring the Gnus. Based on the plot of Lord of the Rings, it condenses the film into a manageable chunk.
Unfortunately the budget, sets, costumes, acting, filming, singing, composing, editing, directoring, spelling, producing, sound recording, script-writing and publishing aren't as good. But still - it's much, much shorter.

Don't settle for more - get less!

Useless version without background sound due to technical difficulties!
Useless version may fit onto a floppy disk!
Download your useless version today!
Lord of the Hoops
New! Special extended edition! Featuring actual animation (in the title sequence) and an extra frame (at the end)!

Extras for Let's Make a Fellowship


Frodo looks shocked
Originally your first chance to see us; now preserved for historical accuracy.
(Trailer revamped for site relaunch and historical inaccuracy)
Download Trailer (2.0 MB)

Deleted Scene

Gimli imposter
Many scenes had to be cut due to over-running time, mistakes in filming or simply forgetting where the scene was meant to go.
This scene was affected by all three.
Download Deleted Scene video (849 kB)


Promotional poster created by the advertising department
View poster

Behind the Scenes

Chris deals with the bank
Go behind the scenes with the Gnus as they make the award winning* Lord of the Hoops!
Featuring interviews! Bloopers! Behind the scenes footage! And messing about with sticks quarterstaffs!
Download Behind the Scenes video (8.1 MB)


Nothing good on the radio? Then crank up your iPod and play one of these Lord of the Hoops songs.
Lord of the Hoops - main theme
Download Ogg file (2.0 MB)
Download MP3 file (2.2 MB)
Off to Mordor - singalong version
(Lyrics 49.99 extra)
Download Ogg file (1.7 MB)
Download MP3 file (1.9 MB)

Facts and figures

Want to know more about Lord of the Hoops? Read loads of interesting facts here.
Some of them may even be true.
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